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Commission by YellowHellion
Comm Color 2k16 by YellowHellion
Comm Line 2k16 by YellowHellion
+$10 for detailed backgrounds

Commission status: OPEN

I’m willing to draw pretty much anything, except for porn (sorry!). If you’re not sure if I’ll draw something, just ask! If I do end up turning down the request, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that I’m not really the artist for your idea.

I accept payment through PayPal, on a half-now-half-later basis. I’ll ask for the first half upon accepting the commission, and half before I send you the finished piece. Send me the email connected to your PayPal account, and I'll send you an invoice so you can pay whenever you're ready. I’ll send out a WIP when the sketch is finished. Let me know if you need anything edited at this stage.

Commissions may be posted on my accounts (Tumblr, DA, etc.) as examples. If you wish for the commission to remain private, just let me know and I’ll be sure to not post it anywhere.

Thanks for your attention! I look forward to working with you!

(Edit: Prices updated!)
Sorry for the brief inactivity! I'll get back to posting stuff promptly!

Good news is that I have a new computer! I was way overdue for an update, my old laptop was still running Windows XP. Thankfully, after a stressful weekend of building the damn thing, I finally have my new computer up and running!

But man, I'm gonna have to get used to drawing on this setup. It's like trying to cook something when all of the ingredients and utensils are suddenly in different drawers. Old habits are in the process of dying hard, so hopefully I'll have some new stuff to upload soon!
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Now doin' my 5th ( ´_ゝ`)

Sometimes when I feel bad about my drawings, I remember this video that shows this amazing artist's 99th sketchbook, and I think to myself "Well, I've still got 94 to go, better get to it."

That usually helps.
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I love looking back on my old sketchbooks and drawings, because it always comes with that humbling sense of embarrassment for my past self along with a healthy dose of perspective on how far I've come. I remember a year or two ago looking back at some of my sketchbooks from around 2000-2002 and having a good cringe at the stuff I was doing back then. I don't hate my old art, why would I? As some dorky little grade schooler just getting into anime, I didn't care so much about things looking good, I just loved putting pencil to paper. It's endearing seeing what my kid self was drawing so long ago just for the fun of it.

What really caught me off guard though was looking through a sketchbook I used from around 2008-2010. Since this sketchbook was relatively recent, I didn't look back on it too much because I figured I still retained a lot of what I put down in there. Looking through it, however, made me realize that I hadn't actually retained all that much, and it was quite an experience seeing that sketchbook with a fresh perspective now. Since it was more recent, I didn't expect to cringe as much as I did, which ended up being quite a lot. It was a reaction that I never had with that sketchbook before, and in a way that makes me glad in a way. It gives me that same sense of perspective on how far I've come. It drives home the idea that if you keep practicing you will keep improving with every drawing, and that's a really motivating idea, thinking that in a few years I might be looking back on my art today and feeling the same way.

If I learn anything from my old sketchbooks, it's that I should just let loose every once in a while and have some fun with it. Quite a few pages in my old sketchbooks are filled with dumb little doodles I did for shits and giggles, something that's been maybe missing in mine today; I have a tendency to fill up my pages with a bunch of rather dry studies of anatomy and whatnot, so I think reintroducing that element of fun could help bring something new to the table.
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Time to get arting
I'm also gonna go ahead and open up some requests. At this point in time I'm only gonna open 5, so if you want me to draw anything, send me a message and let me know.

thanks guys